The National Boukornine Mountain Nature Park

The National Boukornine Mountain Nature Park

High points

In addition to the Nature Park, this trekking tour enables you to discover Mount Boukornine, an imposing twin peaked mountain. The park covers an area of 1939 hectares and protects a number of animal and plant species some of which are rare.
Mount Boukornine summit stands at 576 meters and is at the end of the Atlas Mountain range.
The park has two main entrances. The most frequently used is next to the Chalet vert restaurant and the second is by the Ain Zargua fresh water spring.


  1. A round tour: Eco-museum- tracks 65- Ain Zargua- Eco-museum.
  2. A linear tour: Eco-museum –grotto-Ain Zargua.
Level of difficulty
Round tourWalking
Linear tourWalkingWalking
4X4 cars or a minibus
Support team
Ecotourism guide
Kit list
walking boots flask day rucksack etc


See trekking information kit list for more details.