The Atlas mountain range, which starts in Morocco and stretches majestically at 1544 meters high to the North of Tunisia, forms an exceptional forest park. The mountains of Khroumirie, Nefzas and the Mogods for instance which stretch from the South West to the North East of Tunisia, all have accessible and well-marked footpaths.
The wild coastline plus the pine and oak woodlands lead us to beautiful wide-ranging flora and fauna.

At the heart of Khroumirie Mountains lies the town of Ain Draham at a crossroads of numerous pedestrian routes. There are more than 550 km of well marked tracks amid oak forests blazing the trail to springs and waterfalls, uncovering deep valleys and rising to panoramic views through breathtaking biotopical diversity.

With an average height of 800 meters and a strong unevenness between the summit and the valleys, these forest peak areas covered by oak trees, eucalyptus, mimosas and glade, are a real paradise to all hiking enthusiasts.

The forestry fauna spreads through this region: There are stags, wild boars, porcupines, wild cats, Jackal, foxes and mongooses…

The ornithological fauna on the other hand is occupied by green woodpeckers, grey cuckoos, big ravens and young partridges…

A typical trekking day in the North
Walking tours in the North of Tunisia are possible all year round and coincide with those in the South in April, May and October only. Unlike the desert, trekking tours in the North are rather possible in June, July and August thanks to the shade and the freshness created by the trees in the mountains.

The tours are organised in a group led by an experienced tour leader who is an expert in ecotourism. All the gears needed are transported by 4×4 cars or mini buses which also help to carry the group to and from the accommodation and the start and finish points.

Wake up call is at 6:30 am, an hour before departure; time to see the sun rise and enjoy a walk in the cool morning breeze. The tours are carried out in two stages: The first consists of 2 ½ hours walk followed by a 30 mn picnic, then another 3 hours walk concluded by lunch and then transfer to the new accommodation.

Going to bed is from 22:00 pm in order to get good and a well deserved rest for the next day.



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