Ressas Mountain

Ressas Mountain

High points

The Djebel Ressas, which means “the mountain of lead”, is a perfect bloc of Jurassic limestone standing at 795 meters high between Mount Bou Kornine and Mount Zaghouan.
Starting from the village situated on the northern flank, it takes two hours to reach the summit where one can enjoy an unspoilt view over the greater Tunis, and Mount Boukornine.


  1. Ascent of the mountain is carried out in two phases:
    • Phase (A): climb to 300 meters
    • Phase (B): climb to 345 meters
  2. The descent takes about 2 hours
Level of difficulty
4X4 cars or a minibus
Support team
Ecotourism guide
Kit list
walking boots flask cap day rucksack etc
See trekking information kit list for more details.