Coral and desert (15 days)

Camels at Djerba, Tunisia

This tour combines two 8 day tours (The gateway to the Sahara + the Atlas and the desert) and offers you the chance to discover the contrasts of the Southeast and the Northwest of Tunisia.


Day 1
  • arrival to Jerba (if your flight is to Tunis Carthage Airport, you will be transferred by internal flight to Jerba.
  • Evening meal and overnight in Jerba
Day 2
  • departure to Ksar Ghilane
  • Lunch in Ksar Ghilane
  • Discover the oases, meet the camel drivers and set off for the Grand Erg
  • Evening meal and overnight in bivouacs
Day 3 to 9
  • trekking and bivouac in the world of dunes, oases and Erg
  • Arrival to Douz
  • Evening meal and overnight in Douz
Day 10
  • departure to El Kef via the Table of Jugurtha
  • Evening meal and overnight in EL Kef
Day 11
  • trekking EL kef/ Touiref
  • Lunch
  • Visit the archeological site of Chemtou
  • Evening meal and night in Jendouba
Day 12
  • visit the site of Bulla Regia
  • Trekking Bulla Regia and Ain Draham
  • Lunch
  • Evening meal and overnight in Ain Draham
Day 13
  • trekking Ain Draham/ Tabarka
  • Lunch
  • Evening meal and overnight in Tabarka
Day 14
  • trekking along the north coast
  • Lunch
  • Transfer to Tunis via Ichkeul Lake (visit Ichkeul)
  • Evening meal and overnight stay in Tunis
Day 15
  • transfer to Tunis Carthage Airport
  • Return flight


  • an average of 5 hour walk a day
Level of difficulty
4X4 cars or a minibus and camels
Support team
In the South, tour guide and camel drivers who will be responsible for all your travel logistics and food. In the North you will be catered for by our ecotourism guide and drivers.
Bivouacs and Bedouin tents and hotels
Kit list
See trekking information kit list for more details.