Groups and events

Group travel for companies and committees

Group travel also known as incentive travel has risen significantly in the place of work. For people in charge such as directors, managers or human recourse managers, etc this form of travel can be a motivation factor for the work team. It can also consolidate its relationship among customers or strengthen relations with privileged partners.

Businesses rely above all on their work force, so going out together to enjoy valuable shared moments close to nature and faraway from the usual milieu is in fact a token of motivation, unity, harmony and resourcefulness.

Siroko Travel offers services specially tailored for the interest and needs of businesses offering all types of trips both in the Sahara and in the North of Tunisia.

Siroko offers to all your business travel, your management seminary, your management training days, your event, your product launch and PR events; the following:

  • Specialist committees
  • Large product offer
  • Unique and innovative program and original routes
  • Good services

These professional trips could be shaped in many ways:

  • An up-market trip
  • Flexible trekking programs
  • Sporting adventure or team competition

The group size and the duration of the trip are also tailored to your needs:

  • From 5 to 300 participants or more in a group
  • For the whole week or just a weekend

Each trip is unique…..

  • A weekend in the dunes of the Sahara: trekking or camel ride
  • Trekking and exploring archeological sites in the north
  • A range of activities in the forests or the desert
  • Quad in the North or South
  • Camel trek and introduction to astronomy in the Sahara…

Whatever your projects are, we will find you a plan.
In just 48 hours you will receive a detailed estimate

Siroko Travel Leader and specialist of the rides and the ecotourism gives you the opportunity to discover another Tunisia.